Where do pineapples grow?

Wo wächst die Ananas?

Pineapples are an exotic fruit. This means that when we buy them in the supermarket, these sweet vitamin bombs have already travelled a long way. But where do pineapples actually grow? Come and join us on the search to find out more about the homeland of this popular fruit!

Pineapples originally came from Brazil. From there, they made their way to Central America. It’s said that they were presented to Christopher Columbus in 1493 as a gift to welcome him and he then brought them to Europe, where their exotic origin and exceptional sweetness made them particularly sought-after. But because pineapples simply love the heat, they still grow in tropical lands.

Dole pineapples come from Thailand, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Honduras, the Philippines and the Ivory Coast. The climate in those countries is simply perfect for pineapples, as it is mild at night and sunny and warm during the day. They don’t like extreme heat. Cultivating pineapples takes patience, as it can take between 14 and 18 months for the fruit to ripen and be harvested for the first time.

By the way, pineapples are harvested when they are ripe and full of sweetness, they don’t continue to ripen after they are picked.

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And even if the Tropics aren’t quite around the corner, once you bite into a sweet and juicy pineapple you can taste the magic of its sunny homeland.

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