Using positive thinking to cope with stressful situations

Traffic jams in rush hour, impatient colleagues in the office, hectic scenes in the supermarket or shopping centre and the hustle and bustle of family life – the “daily madness” that is everyday life can really take its toll. The consequences may be irritability, nervousness or even sleep disorders. Using positive thinking, we can remain relaxed in typical stressful situations. The right attitude and some suitable fruity snacks can help create a greater sense of well-being and contentment.

Relaxing on holidays:

Was the case not much bigger the last time? We’ve all been there – that long-awaited holiday is preceded by the dreaded packing dilemma. Once dresses, shirts, air mattresses and all the rest have finally been packed, up comes the next stressful situation – traffic jams on the motorway or long queues at the airport. This is where positive thinking can help: while you are travelling, put on your headphones, listen to your favourite songs and zone out mentally to the beach. Exotic snacks, such as pineapple chunks, will ensure additional feelings of happiness.

Coping with stress at work:

The project needs to be completed urgently, the photocopier is on the blink again and the boss has scheduled another meeting shortly before you are due to go home – a working day can throw up multiple stressful situations. A quick chat with colleagues can sometimes help to diffuse minor irritations. After all, they are in the same boat and can cheer you up. A walk in the fresh air or a few yoga poses during your lunch break can be wonderfully invigorating and help you to think positively. But if you feel permanently stressed and overwhelmed, it is imperative that you speak to your boss to find a solution. By the way, a fruity porridge provides excellent nourishment for the nervous system – it protects you from low blood sugar levels and gives you a warm, toasty feeling on the inside.

Creating a positive family life:

Kids’ rooms in chaos, fighting instead of playing and kids stressed out by tricky homework – parents really are superheroes as they need to cope with countless stressful situations on a daily basis. Our tip for positive thinking in the hustle and bustle of family life: forget about perfection! Don’t compare yourself with the ostensibly perfect mums and dads – “Insta families” probably go through the same things that you do. Yes, dust bunnies are sure to be hiding under the sofa, it’s OK if the windows aren’t clean and mum can definitely leave the house with no makeup. The well-being of all family members should be the priority. So turn down a few invitations every now and then and enjoy some family time together. PS – a big pot of delicious soup will get the whole gang to the table in a flash! How about a spicy banana soup?

Supermarket shopping without the hassle:

Shopping trolleys banging into your heels, crowded aisles and fed-up faces at the tills – welcome to the weekly pleasure of the big supermarket shop. Everyone is familiar with this typically stressful situation – it’s a tricky one as it’s difficult to avoid shopping. All we can do is try to remain as calm as possible. Think positively and make shopping a more pleasant experience. There is so much to discover, particularly in the fruit and vegetable section. So be spontaneous, add some fruit to your trolley that you have never tried before – a delightful adventure. Or assemble all the ingredients that you need for your favourite dish and give yourself something to look forward to – we’re in the mood for some fruity coleslaw with salmon at the moment. Surprise yourself: smile at the other customers instead of pushing by one another wordlessly. You will notice how quickly positive vibes will return to you.

Keeping it calm in rush-hour traffic:

The morning cacophony of car horns, loud phone conversations on crowded trains – it’s hard to relax on the daily commute to work. Because this is another stressful situation that we cannot avoid, all we can do is think positively. Just remember that these stressful moments during your commute may be annoying but they cannot affect your mood. Granted, adopting this attitude takes practice. So make this supposedly pointless travel time as fulfilling as possible. Listen to an interesting audio book in the car or learn a new language via CD. Add a folder with some pretty holiday photos to your smartphone that you can browse through during stressful bus or train journeys. Our energy bar will give you the power you need for this mission – perfect when you are on the move.

We wish you lots of comforting thoughts!

Your Dole Team




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