True vitamin bombs – little lychees punch above their weight

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Lychees really have it all: the “fruit of love” from China is crammed full of vitamins and nutrients! Today we tell you all you need to know about lychees and how you can best enjoy them.

With a subtle aroma and loaded with vitamins, lychees are the magic fruit

Everyone loves lychees: in China, they are considered to be the “fruit of love” and have been worshipped there for thousands of years as a symbol of love and joy of life. Even on this side of the globe, they have virtually been an overnight culinary success. And for good reason: the lychee scores highly with an abundance of vitamins and a particularly subtle aroma. A snowy white, juicy fruit lies beneath the thin, dimpled peel, which is sometimes dark pink and sometimes bright red. It has an exquisite rose-like smell and a pleasantly sweet yet also slightly sour taste with a hint of nutmeg. A unique combination and above all truly refreshing. In addition to China, lychees are now also cultivated in Thailand, India, the USA, Africa, Israel and Australia and are available fresh all year round in our supermarkets.

Rich in vitamins, the lychee is super healthy

Lychees contain three times more vitamin C than apples: 42 mg of vitamin C per 100 g. The “power vitamin” activates the body’s own defences, helps to build connective tissue, bones and teeth and protects cells due to its antioxidant activity. But that’s not all: lychees also provide important B vitamins such as folic acid, potassium, calcium and magnesium. And they are also very low in calories: 100 g of lychee contain only 76 calories. As is often the case with fruit and vegetables, raw is the way to go and this applies also to lychees. Most of the vitamins and nutrients are preserved when these fruits are not heated.

Lychees prove to be a versatile ingredient in the kitchen

Eat lychees “au naturel” as often as possible – for example in fruit salads. Simply peel the fruit like an egg and push out the inedible stone. The fruit pulp also livens up desserts and cocktails. In savoury dishes, lychees are a fantastic match for Asian rice dishes and go best with poultry and fish.

Good to know: Once picked, lychees do not continue to ripen. When buying them, make sure that you select ripe fruit. These have a firm skin that isn’t too brown. As these babies are very sensitive and quickly spoil, they are best eaten soon after purchase. Stored at room temperature, they keep for a maximum of one week – after that, the fruit dries out. Lychees stay fresh for a while longer in the fridge but lose their aroma.

Our tip: Fresh lychees also freeze well! Simply remove the peel and the stone and place the fruit in a freezer bag.

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