Top tips for women’s health

Power women – watch out! After dealing with the often challenging daily routine of family, job, household and anything else that arises, it is important for women not to forget about themselves. Look after yourself and your wellbeing – your health is a priority and you need plenty of energy to cope with whatever life throws at you. These daily tips for a healthy lifestyle will help to keep you energetic, fit and on an even keel. You go, girls!

Tip 1: Don’t forget about breakfast

Your body needs energy in the morning to ensure that you are in top form for the day. So start your day with some protein-rich foods, fresh vitamins and filling fibre. How about a fruit salad and a soya-based yoghurt alternative with a vegetable omelette? Fruit bowls are also a super alternative for breakfast!

Tip 2: Keep moving

You don’t always have to go to the gym – every step counts when it comes to women’s health! So leave the car at home as much as possible and walk or cycle to the crèche with the little ones if possible. Try to go for a short walk at lunch time and round off the evening with a relaxing mini-yoga session.

Tip 3: Eat the right type of snack

Pure stress! Our daily responsibilities can sometimes simply be too much for us. But a quick chocolate bar or a packet of crisps in between deadlines isn’t doing your health any favours unfortunately. A better alternative would be to have some raw fruit or vegetables, nuts or dried fruit in your handbag, super snacks that you can nibble on during the day.

Tip 4: Keep an eye on your iron

Women in particular can be affected by low iron levels. Typical symptoms include fatigue, exhaustion, irritability and edginess. Sufficient quantities of iron must be replenished through food so make sure you eat iron-rich plant-based foods such as kale, lentils, millet and almonds. Vitamin C also helps to absorb the iron in the food. Berries or orange juice are therefore a good choice for your muesli.

Tip 5: Get enough sleep

Sleeping sounds easy but mothers in particular often do not get enough shut-eye. A good tip is to use those brief windows during the day to get a relaxing forty winks. Make sure also that you are relaxed when you go to bed in the evening. Switch off the smartphone in good time. A warm bath, a good book or some quiet music is more relaxing.

Take yourselves seriously, because you are sensational!

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