Top 5 housekeeping tips using fruit


There is often more to fruit than the delicious pulp. How about adding the skin of a banana to the blender or using pineapple to make cleaning your house easier?

Today we have compiled our top 5 fruitiest everyday tips for you:


Bananas1. First aid for splinters: Carefully place a fresh banana skin over the affected area overnight. The enzymes in the banana help to loosen the splinter.



Roses2. For your roses: Banana skins act as a wonderful rose fertiliser: just cut them up into small pieces and add to the soil.




3. Unripe fruit? For a ‘turbo ripening’ process, simply place an apple beside the fruit that needs to ripen. The ethylene emitted by the apple accelerates the ripening of other fruit.




4. Get a gleaming look with pineapple skins: Cutting boards are often stained as a result of frequent use. Our tip: Polish them using the inside of a pineapple skin. Then simply wash with water and dry. The juice cleans the board and the stains disappear.




5. Natural air freshener: Orange and lemon peel placed on the heater will add a fresh and invigorating scent to your living space.



Do you have any more tips? We look forward to hearing your fruity everyday tips!




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