Top 5 grape snacks for children’s birthday parties

Trauben-Snacks für Kindergeburtstag

A fully laden, colourful birthday table is a must for the little ones’ special day! But it doesn’t always have to include only cakes. Why not add the healthy fruit snack to the buffet? With our five creative grape recipes, even children will happily reach for the fresh fruit. After all, as with so many dishes, it is frequently a case of how it is served – it is a well-known fact that “we eat with our eyes”. And that is particularly the case for children, who find it hard to work up any enthusiasm for fruit or vegetables.

Our sweet grape snacks for children’s birthdays not only make for delicious and healthy finger food, they also look great. And making these fruit snacks is child’s play!

Grape butterflies: springtime fun on the plate

Eat it quickly before it flies away! This fresh and fruity butterfly made from luscious grapes and juicy oranges is ready in no time at all. To make it, simply place five grapes on the plate for a body, halve two slices of orange and arrange as wings. Use some orange zest for the antennae – and you’re done!

Sweet snacking fun

How adorable are these guys! Our tortoises not only look cute, they also taste deliciously sweet and fruity. Method: Peel and halve a kiwi. For the feet, divide a grape in four; another grape can be used as a head.

Fruity banana dolphin

Mouth open, grape in! Our fruit-loving dolphin has the same idea. To make the dolphin, simply score a banana at the end with the stalk and place a grape in the gap. To fix it more securely in the cup, cut through the banana crossways at the other end so that it has a flat edge to “stand” on.

Flowery finger food on a stem

Flower power for a fresh spring mood. Arrange the green table grapes on a long wooden skewer; at the top place a flower-shaped piece of pineapple (with a grape-sized hole in the middle). The red grapes are the icing on the cake, as it were. They fit perfectly into the hole of the pineapple flower.

A quick and tasty grape hedgehog snack 

Who is this cutie? It’s our delicious grape hedgehog! Simply peel a few centimetres at the thinner end of a pear, stick a grape on the pear stalk for a nose and decorate the unpeeled part of the pear with grapes. The toothpicks not only make good spines, they are also an attractive snacking aid.

Let the fruity party fun begin!

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