Top 10 tips – boost your energy throughout the autumn

Energievoll durch den Herbst

If the day starts wet and cold, it can rapidly change your mood for the worse. At a time of the year when it is cold and dark and there is little sunlight, many people really struggle with the “autumn blues”. So, to make sure October doesn’t get you down, we have 10 tips for you for an energy-filled autumn. Have fun trying them out and increasing your happiness levels!

Dole_leaf_11. Keep warm and cosy

When is there a better time than now to wrap up in a snug blanket and woolly socks? Enjoy it – we immediately feel more relaxed and in a better mood when we are wrapped up warm in this way. Your favourite tea and an exciting book are the perfect accompaniments.


Dole_leaf_22. Turn the television off

Do you get bored quickly when the weather is bad? Then use the autumn to discover your creative side! If you have children, now is the time to make little chestnut animals and lanterns. Alternatively, try knitting a scarf or painting a picture. Chin up!



3. Bring light into your homeDole_leaf_3

Light lifts our spirits. Special daylight lamps will brighten your mood. Candles have a particularly cosy effect and will create a pleasant atmosphere throughout your entire home.


Dole_leaf_44. Play with the wind

When was the last time you built a kite and flew it? But isn’t that just for kids? Not at all! Out in the open and with the right breeze, all your cares will blow away and you will simply feel carefree.


Dole_leaf_55. Enjoy the mix of colours

Red, brown, orange and yellow – autumn inspires us with its unrivalled splendour of colour. So get out and enjoy the leaves, a glorious leaf fight in the forest will awaken your zest for life. Collect the most beautiful leaves and use them to decorate your home.



Dole_leaf_66. Listen to your dog

Dogs want to be outside, running around and playing – all the time and no matter what the weather. Perfect if you have a four-legged friend. Simply put on the lead and go for an autumn walk. Even if you don’t have a pet, keep active and strengthen your defences outside.


Dole_leaf_77. Get an umbrella

Autumn is a time for excuses. Wind, cold and rain are the best justifications for staying on the sofa. Outsmart your inner couch potato! With an umbrella, a pair of wellies and a raincoat, you are perfectly equipped to deal with city drizzle and forest mud.


Dole_leave_88. Don’t be on your own

It’s not just you who sometimes feels alone on the long dark evenings, your friends feel exactly the same. Even if the barbecue and swimming pool season is finished for the moment, you can still have fun. Simply invite your pals over to cook together or meet up to play some sport.


Dole_leaf_99. Put autumn on your plate

A balanced and vitamin-rich diet is particularly important at this time of the year. Boost your health with autumn foods like berries, nuts, mushrooms, pumpkin, ginger and cabbage.


Dole_leaf_1010. Look forward to summer

Dreaming is allowed! The best thing about the cold season is that it doesn’t last forever. It will be warm and sunny again. Until then, reminisce over your old holiday albums or book your next summer holiday. This will help you to effortlessly survive those autumn storms.


What are your tips for an energy-filled autumn? We look forward to hearing them! Your Dole team

Picture: Beautiful autumn! Time to be happy!



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