Tips for getting a good night’s sleep

Day after day, we go to work, we look after our families and we do the important things that need to be done. Yet the most important part of the day is actually night-time: in order to be able to start the day with plenty of energy and to do everything we need to do, a relaxing night’s sleep is essential.

Why is sleep so important?

While we are asleep important processes, such as cell renewal and blood formation, take place in the body. Anyone who sleeps for less than four or five hours a night on an ongoing basis often finds it hard to concentrate and is more easily irritated. They also increase their risk of cardiovascular disease.

It can be particularly hard to sleep in stressful situations, something that can have fatal consequences. Our Top 3 tips show you a few little tricks that can help you to sleep:

  1. Allow your stomach to settle: If possible, don’t eat too late in the evening and avoid foods that cause bloating; avoid fatty and sugary meals. Stay away also from citrus fruits and other foods containing fruit acid as these can stimulate the circulation.
  2. Create the right atmosphere: The optimum room temperature for sleeping is 18 °C. It is recommended that the room is ventilated once again immediately before going to sleep. Sleep on a good quality mattress and keep your bedroom tidy and as quiet as possible. It may be best to avoid having a desk in your bedroom to prevent thoughts about work disrupting your sleep.
  3. Prepare your body for sleep: First and foremost, you need to switch off body and mind from a stressful day. To do this, a warm bath, muscle relaxation exercises, yoga or other sporting activities can help. Herbal teas containing hops, lemon balm or valerian root can also be beneficial.


Generally speaking, you cannot force yourself to sleep. If you think too much about the perfect sleep ritual, the opposite usually happens. Find out what helps you to relax and also take the time consciously to have a relaxing evening.

Sleep well!

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