The “My Energy” meal: Appetisers

Rucolasalat mit Brunnenkresse

Full of energy and very varied! We brought our Energy-Code to life at the Dole Energy-Day, which was held in Hamburg on 20 April. With his “My Energy” meal, Hamburg celebrity chef Patrick Gebhardt provided culinary delights and lots of interesting facts. 

Nutrition for three energy types

With three courses, Patrick treated the participants to delicious food to ensure that every day is full of energy. Today, we want to show you how you can conjure up the appetisers. The stand-out feature: the menu is easy to prepare and can be optimally adapted to the three energy types “the calm one”, “the livewire” and “the dynamo” by cleverly combining additional ingredients. Your personal energy schedule for one month is also a helpful guide. Simply take part in our “My Energy” test.

Picture: Patrick Gebhardt is lovingly presenting the appetisers

Rucola with watercress, strawberries, beetroot & cottage cheese

Ingredients for 4 people:

250 g of rucola
1 bunch of watercress
130 g of ripe strawberries
130 g of beetroot
250 g of cottage cheese
Salt, pepper and sugar
Good-quality, 8–12 year-old balsamic vinegar
Good-quality, strong, extra virgin olive oil


Remove any rough stalks from the rucola and watercress and wash it. Remove the green tops from the strawberries and wash them also. Then, depending on the size, half or quarter them, season them with salt, sugar, freshly ground pepper and leave them to marinate in the olive oil.

Now peel the beetroot, cut it very thinly on a mandolin slicer or on a slicing machine and mix it with salt, freshly ground pepper, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. The mixing action and the salt cause the natural colours and flavours to be released from the beetroot and from the strawberries.

To plate up, place the rucola, watercress and strawberries (including the liquid from the marinade) into a bowl and season everything again with salt, balsamic vinegar and olive oil to taste.

Arrange the marinated salad on a plate, cover this with the marinated beetroot and then either sprinkle the cottage cheese on top or place it around the sides.

Finally, season and decorate with fresh pepper on top.

Have fun and enjoy your meal!

Picture: That looks colourful and delicious!





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