The “My Energy” meal: Fruity dessert

Fruchtiges Dessert

Mmmhhh… At our Dole Energy-Day, Hamburg celebrity chef Patrick Gebhardt prepared a rucola salad and ling fillets as the appetiser and main course for our bloggers. These recipes are on our blog already.

His fresh and fruity dessert – passion fruit and yoghurt mousse – shows that even little treats have their place in a balanced diet. Today we would like to show you this great recipe from Patrick’s “My Energy” meal.

It is also a perfect match to Dr Bauhofer’s recommendations for the three energy types: “the calm one”, “the livewire” and “the dynamo”. So how do you find out what your energy type is? It’s easy: Just do our “My Energy” test.

Picture: Preparing the refreshing dessert

Passion fruit and yoghurt mousse with marinated mint pineapple & vanilla

For the mousse:

350 g of yoghurt
150 ml of passion fruit pulp
100 g of sugar
3 sheets of gelatin
250 g of whipped cream
The seeds from one vanilla pod

For the pineapple:

200 g of fresh pineapple
3 sprigs of fresh mint
The vanilla pod itself
1 tablespoon of sugar


Place the gelatin in cold water. Mix the passion fruit and sugar together. Squeeze out the gelatin and dissolve it in 3 tablespoons of this purée in a small saucepan on the cooker. Stir the rest of the purée into the yoghurt. Now add 1/3 of the passion fruit and yoghurt mixture to the dissolved gelatin.

This process is known as “blending”. If you added the gelatin directly to the cold yoghurt, it would solidify straight away and you would have strings or lumps of gelatin in the mousse. Pour the mousse into small ramekins or into one large mould and leave to chill for one or two hours in the fridge.

For the mint pineapple, cut the fresh pineapple into small cubes. Pluck the mint leaves from the stalks, cut into fine strips and add with the sugar to the pineapple cubes. Leave everything to marinade in the fridge for 15 minutes.

When the mousse is set, remove it from the mould and cut up into portions if necessary.

Arrange the mint pineapple on a plate and garnish with icing sugar and fresh mint.

Feel free to leave us a comment about what you think of Patrick Gebhardt’s recipe.

Have lots of fun trying it out!

Picture: That looks good – perfect snapshot!





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