The home of Dole bananas

Dole Bananen aus Costa Rica

Today is Costa Rica’s national day – just one more reason to take you away to this idyllic banana paradise.

Location: Central America, between Nicaragua and Panama, bounded on the east by the Caribbean and on the west by the Pacific.

Size: 51,100 km2 (approximately the same size as Lower Saxony in Germany)
National language: Spanish
Population: Roughly 5 million
Capital: San José (approximately 355,000 inhabitants)
Attractions: The country is the stuff of dreams, with captivatingly beautiful tropical forests, mountains, waterfalls and beaches. The animal kingdom extends from exotic birds, snakes and lizards to butterflies the size of plates; the tropical forests are also the habitat of the white-headed capuchin monkey.

Picture: white-headed capuchin monkey
Picture: white-headed capuchin monkey

Dole in Costa Rica

Fruit: Bananas
Location: On the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica
Size: An area measuring approximately 1,000 football fields with a staff of around 700 employees.
Banana paradise: The temperature ranges from a pleasant 23 to 32 degrees Celsius all year round, ideal for growing bananas. As a result, almost 4.5 million bananas a week can be harvested.

Dole_Banana tree
Picture: banana tree in Costa Rica


However we don’t just plant bananas – Costa Rica is also the ideal area in which to grow pineapple. Accompany Aleska here on her visit to our pineapple plantation in Costa Rica: Klick here!







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