The Dole Farm Code – with 5 figures for the plantation

If you have a craving for fresh fruit, your first port of call is, naturally, the nearest supermarket, where the shelves are lined with Dole bananas and pineapples – at any time of the year. It’s really fascinating when you think about where the delicious vitamin bombs come from and the route that they have taken from their homeland to your front door. Pssst … we can reveal how you can discover the secret of our fruit. The key is a 5-digit code. 

Who is Dolores?

If you happen to have a Dole banana to hand, click here and enter the 5 numbers that you see on the banana’s sticker. No banana? No problem. Then simply click “Continue without code”. Yikes! Elba, Magdalena and Dolores? No, these aren’t Dole employees, but rather the names of our various farms. As you can see, our fruits like the heat and feel particularly at home in Central and South America. You can use the Dole Farm Code to track exactly where your bananas come from, the climate that they were exposed to and how their plantation is certified.

Picture: It’s easy! Klick on the picture to experience more.

Our banana story also shows that the route from cultivation to sale of all our fruit can be easily tracked. The yellow fruit also takes you on a tour of its life in the short “travel diary”.

Let’s get started!




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