Barbecuing fruit: our Top 4 taste particularly good

Summer time is barbecue time! If you feel like something light, refreshing and healthy at the barbecue, fruit could be the answer. Whether you are looking for a fruity side dish, a salad topping or a sweet dessert at the end, our Top 4 fruits all work particularly well on the grill.

Fruity couscous salad

Fruit alert in salad! Couscous is traditionally a popular savoury dish but this fresh and fruity version is our favourite way to enjoy the healthy culinary delight.

Healthy summer snack: Fruit salad in cones

Summer is just around the corner, which means garden parties, open-air children’s birthday parties and other fun events. Sweet and fruity snacks are a must for every buffet table. Our recommendation of fruit salad in cones – decorated with raspberry sauce and crunchy nuts – is guaranteed to be a hit!

Pineapple sesame snack: perfect for picnics

Is there anything nicer than a picnic in the great outdoors with your loved ones and a few tasty snacks? Today we have a pineapple sesame snack for you that will be the perfect addition to your picnic. The sweetness of the fruit, combined with a sweet and nutty sesame and honey coating, makes for a very special delicacy and is guaranteed to be a hit with young and old. It doubles the enjoyment of a day in the great outdoors.

A boost of energy when you are drained: banana café frappé

You got to bed later than you planned again last night – now you are exhausted and finding it difficult to concentrate. You need a quick energy boost to wake you up. Our banana café frappé, an exotic change from a normal coffee, is just the answer. It includes an extra portion of vitamins to get body and soul going again.

Colorful fruity wraps

Fancy the taste of summer all year round? It’s easy with our colorful fruity wraps. They are super-quick to make and the ideal snack when you are on the go. And the best thing is: everyone can roll up their favourite fruit and conjure up their own personalised wrap.

Cutting up a pineapple: how to do it right

Pineapples are incredibly juicy, delicious and also really healthy. Today we show you step by step how to cut up a pineapple quickly and easily. See below for how to get to the healthy flesh of this tropical fruit in just five steps.

Healthy recipe for a girls’ night in: banana sushi

You have invited your friends around for a girls’ night in, picked out a few movies, chilled the drinks and have some cosy blankets ready. What’s missing? A few tasty snacks. As a healthy alternative to crisps and other nibbles, we have a recipe for you for banana sushi. This fancy snack is quick and easy to make at home. Your girls are guaranteed to love it!

Roasted vegetables with fruit

Summer has not begun yet, and a barbecue outside is probably not much fun given the current temperatures. But we can bring the ultimate summer barbecue feeling direct to your kitchen: our fruity roasted vegetables are ready in no time at all and the result is a summery fruity delicacy and no cold hands or feet.

Vitamin shake

Looking for some delicious and revitalising refreshment? Then we have exactly the right thing for you! Whether you want to boost your vitamin C levels or simply feel like some fruity refreshment, our vitamin shake is always a good idea. The slight taste of turmeric also ensures a special type of taste experience.