Banana muffins on the go

These tasty banana muffins are deliciously soft, sweet and fruity – and they have taken our heart by storm as the perfect snack! Today we give you our recipe for takeaway banana muffins.

Summer on a stick: pineapple ice pops

Yummy! Now you can enjoy a delicious ice lolly at any time as this fruity summer treat is quick and easy to make at home. Our pineapple ice pops with pomegranate make for a delicious delight. A must-have in the freezer compartment!

Peeling oranges – a guide!

A deliciously juicy orange is the perfect sweet choice for a hot summer’s day. But as we all know, it can sometimes take some skill to get to the flesh of this exotic fruit. Here we show you how to peel an orange without despairing!

Chickpea salad with a twist

Snacking can be colourful! Chickpea salad makes a satisfying meal and provides valuable protein and iron. Juicy oranges, savoury rocket, onions and tomatoes add colour and delicious flavours to the mix.

Lunchbox: Colourful fruit kebabs for kids

Little thinkers need some hearty sustenance. This is where a deliciously fresh, creative lunchbox with fruit, vegetables and whole grain comes in. These colourful fruit kebabs and other tasty treats are bound to get the kids excited during the summer.

Banana curry with chicken: clever cooking in advance

Everyone can eat healthily, whether they’re in the office or on the go. Banana curry with chicken makes the perfect substantial snack for your next break! The bananas in this tasty combo provide you with long-lasting energy. The coriander, curry, turmeric and chilli add an invigorating touch.

Banana time: banana and pear smoothie

This fruity power drink combines the sweetness of bananas and pears with a delicious almond flavour. A literally divine mix, which makes a perfect snack on warm days and keeps you full for longer!