Another way with bananas: spicy banana dip

Banana split, banana bread, banana shake … just some of the banana recipes that we are familiar with. How about a spicy banana dip for a change? Quick to make, it is the perfect accompaniment for fish, meat, vegetables and even salad.

Fresh and fruity: lettuce with avocado and berries

Fruit and berries are a popular, tried-and-tested addition to muesli but they also add a sweet and refreshing twist to salads. We have opted for blueberries in this recipe. These small blue berries not only jazz up the taste of the salad, they also provide plenty of valuable nutrients, including vitamins, phytochemicals and tannins.

Fruity, spicy dip: blueberry ketchup

Ketchup always means tomatoes, right? Not necessarily! Blueberry ketchup is a berry-flavoured version of the classic dip. Its fruity flavour complements grilled food and crispy sweet potato chips.

A New Year snack: fruit sticks with dip

You need some ideas for a New Year buffet? Why not try our favourite New Year snack: these fruit sticks and dip not only look like powerful rockets, they also deliver the vitamins you need to survive a long night of partying.

Winter snacks: superfoods for the cold months of the year

Coming up to Christmas, we don’t always have to opt for the hearty and high-calorie meals. Tasty superfoods like kale crisps or roasted chestnuts prove that there are other choices for nibbles and snacks! Below are our Top 5 ideas for healthy winter snacks.

A healthy takeaway snack: fruit salad to go

Looking for a snack to take to the office or when you are going on a trip? Our fruit salad to go, which includes a fresh and fruity dressing can be made in a jiffy at home. Stored in a jar, it makes an ideal, healthy snack to bring with you.