Switching off – 5 quick ways to boost your energy

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Work, family, obligations – do you frequently find it difficult to switch off from everyday life? First of all, you are definitely not alone. Regardless of whether they work in an office or are a high-performance athlete, it can be hard for many people to clear their mind.

One way of achieving a better balance may be to consciously enjoy your leisure time. Eric discovered that having fun with friends boosted his energy levels and noticed how beneficial such stress-free moments can be.

Who is Eric?

Eric is a successful rower who, as a high-performance athlete, deals with many stressful situations. His refuge is his family and friends with whom he can easily switch off. Our 5 tips to quickly boost your energy will also help you rest better so that you will be able to get started again, full of motivation.

  1. Dare to be alone

Colleagues, partners, family and friends surround us on a daily basis and of course make certain demands on us. Something that can be good every now and then can also be draining if the demands are excessive. After all, sometimes we simply need time to ourselves in order to be able to switch off and reflect. Go for a spontaneous walk in the forest, cook something tasty just for yourself or close the door and immerse yourself in the new book that you have never found time for before.

  1. Take the pressure off

If we can’t switch off, we are lacking inner balance. Many people want to be perfect all the time, not just in their job but also in their private life. Free yourself from these high expectations. It’s OK if the house isn’t completely spick and span for once, if every invitation can’t be accepted or if your makeup isn’t flawless every day. Set priorities and stay relaxed.

  1. Do something good

If activities are seen as meaningless, they can make us dissatisfied and sap our energy. People who are socially engaged frequently experience the exact opposite and feel more fulfilled. So how about sponsoring a dog at the dog’s home or getting involved in a visiting service for your elderly neighbours? Such activities quickly divert us from our supposed everyday cares and simply make us happy.

  1. Take a break from social media

A colleague’s dream holiday, a friend’s new car or the high-spirited party enjoyed by a former classmate – social media inundate us with information and can even have a negative effect on our self-confidence. Whoever is constantly surfing Facebook and similar sites in an effort to switch off, sometimes feels even more stressed. Therefore, just “log out” every now and then and meet friends in real life.

  1. Take a short break

It is probably easiest to switch off if you can step back from your everyday routine. A day trip to another city or an extended bike trip to a picnic area is often all that you need. Plan an expedition in your own area for next weekend and replenish your energy!

Do you have some more tips for recharging your batteries? We look forward to hearing them! #DoleFindYourWay

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