Storing bananas correctly Do’s and don’ts

Bananen richtig lagern

Banana fans like to stock up with the yellow fruit as this vitamin-filled all-rounder makes an ideal snack for in between meals and can be enjoyed in countless different dishes. But how should bananas be stored so that they stay fresh for as long as possible? The following tips will help you get longer out of your banana!


  • Keep them cool and protected from the light: Bananas should be stored at around 12°C, as they will ripen quicker if they are too warm. A darker room without direct sunlight is ideal. A warm kitchen is therefore not the best place for your bananas.
  • Pop them into the fridge: If you want to store your bananas correctly, you can certainly store them in the fridge. However, they should be ripe when you put them in as they will not ripen any further in the cool environment. It doesn’t matter at all if the skin turns brown as a result of the cold, it will not impair the taste (at least once you aren’t eating the skin).
  • Use the juice trick: Once a banana has been cut and is exposed to the air it will quickly turn brown. If you want to keep slices of banana fresh, sprinkle some lemon juice or pineapple juice on them – this is particularly delicious in fruit salads. If the slices of fruit are also wrapped airtight and kept in a cool place, they will remain appetising for longer.


  • Wrap completely in plastic: Never store an entire banana in a plastic bag. These sweet treats will rot very quickly in a warm and moist environment and will be inedible.
  • Store it directly next to other fruit: Please mind the gap! Apples, avocados, etc. help (sometimes inadvertently) in the ripening process – this is a don’t if you want to keep your bananas fresher for longer.
  • Exert pressure: You can leave the skin of the fruit alone if you want to store bananas correctly. Hanging them up instead will prevent brown bruises.

Did you know? Bananas can even be frozen to keep them fresh for even longer. In this case also it is best to use only ripe fruit.

  • Peel the bananas (otherwise the skin will get mushy when the banana thaws), then purée or cut into slices.
  • Freeze the slices on a tray to prevent them sticking together. Banana purée is best frozen in ice cube trays.
  • Then pop them into a freezer bag!

The frozen bananas can be kept for up to 6 weeks and are ideal for dividing up into portions. Simply add the frozen portions directly to a smoothie or allow to thaw in the fridge.


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