Stand Up Paddling: first steps for beginners 

Stand Up Paddling lernen

Stand Up Paddling is one of the hottest summer trends. Not only that it is a lot of fun, it is also a full body workout. Check out our beginner’s guide to Stand Up Paddling. As you can already imagine by its name, Stand Up Paddling is carried out by standing on a long surfboard and using a paddle to proceed. It is a perfect workout for the whole body, as it improves your core strength, cardio fitness, balance and flexibility. Stand Up Paddling works best on flat water like lakes, calm oceans and rivers.

First Stand Up Paddling steps for beginners

The best choice for beginners is a wider, longer and thicker board, a so-called allround board. The paddle should always be one hand’s width above the height of the paddler.

  1. Climb onto the board in a kneeling position, just behind the center point of the board. Once you got a feeling for the balance point, stand up on the board and place your feet in a parallel position right where your knees were.
  2. Bend your knees to balance out small waves
  3. If you’re paddling on the right, place your right hand lower and on the paddle shaft. Place your left hand on the top of the grip. Keep your arms straight and twist from your torso as you paddle. Focus on your core to paddle rather than to focus on the arms. This will provide the most effective power for your paddle stroke.
  4. Push down on the paddle grip with your top hand. Plant the paddle by pushing the blade all the way under the surface, pull it back to your ankle, then out of the water.
  5. When you switch sides, reverse hand positions.


  • Start paddling right after standing up to get stability.
  • To stop, place the paddle in the water in a vertical way.
  • If you lose balance, bend your knees and squat – this will help you find stability again. You can also move the paddle on a water surface and use it as kind of a stick to balance out.

And now it is time to get on the board!

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