Sport without pressure – the pleasure of exercise

Sport ohne Leistungsdruck

“I’ll never be as fit and sporty as other people anyway, so there’s no point in even starting.” Sound familiar? Get rid of this negative attitude and discover the joy of sport without the pressure to perform! Even professional athlete Eric knows that the main purpose of sport is to have fun.

Who is Eric?

High-profile rower Eric Johannesen draws inspiration every day from the “My Energy” code, a strategy for healthy eating, exercise and personal passions. Apart from rowing, Eric also loves lots of other sports, which ensure an interesting variety and motivation in the training camp.

His fun factor: nice teammates and a good team spirit!

Discover your no-pressure sport! After all, sport is all about …

… experiencing nature

Be honest: how well do you know the forests, parks and fields in your area? Whether you are jogging or cycling, sport is the best way to discover nature.

… reducing stress

Yoga is not the only way to relax. For some people, kickboxing is the perfect way to de-stress. Find out what floats your boat and take time to do it regularly.

… chit-chat and catch-ups

 Real friends motivate each other! Whoever combines sport and get-togethers with their loved ones creates special moments and gets to enjoy sport without any pressure to perform.

… learning something new

Trying out new techniques or equipment, finding the perfect sports gear or looking into sports nutrition – sport is a hobby that constantly challenges us and satisfies our thirst for knowledge.

… building self-confidence

 Those who are healthy, fit and balanced are happier. With so much inner strength, you will conquer all the obstacles and face difficult situations with more self-confidence.

… meeting people instead of being alone

 Sports clubs, running groups and gyms are ideal places to meet people. They are good places to make friends quickly in a new city and sport also provides plenty to talk about when you are among like-minded individuals.

Always play sport to do something good for yourself, and not to prove something to other people. #DoleFindYourWay

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