A slimming snack, but are seedless grapes healthy?


Seedless grapes are a popular snack. But are the seeds simply an unnecessary annoyance or a healthy addition to the grapes?

Table grapes, whether they are red, white or black, are said to have a positive effect on our health. For example, they are believed to be good for the gut and to help keep the heart, brain and bones healthy. However, as many of the beneficial ingredients are contained in the grape seeds, this raises the question of whether seedless grapes have the same positive effects.

Why do grapes have seeds in the first place?

The main purpose of grape seeds, as in the case of all fruits with seeds, is to reproduce the plant. They also trigger certain hormones, which cause the fruit to grow.

And what about seedless grapes?

This variety is obtained through hybridisation. They too contain small seeds when they start to grow. However, these wither away over time and by the time the grape is ripe, the seeds are so small that we don’t even notice them when eating the fruit.

Where are the nutrients in grapes?

The skin and seeds of the grapes are rich in fibre, which can strengthen the immune system. In addition, grapes contain high levels of the flavenoids OPC (oligomeric procyanidins) and resveratrol, which together have a positive effect on our blood flow and can thus prevent cardiovascular disease. OPCs are also said to protect against infectious diseases and enhance the uptake of vitamins C and E.

Approximately one-third of these two valuable substances are contained in the grape seeds. The seeds also contain valuable polyphenols, which are also said to have positive health effects. Many of the substances in the seeds are believed to have germicidal, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

In summary, it is safe to say that grapes with seeds are somewhat richer in healthy nutrients than their seedless counterparts. The bad news is that, in order to be able to absorb the valuable nutrients, we need to bite into the somewhat bitter seeds as our stomachs are not able to break down the seeds. For anyone who doesn’t want to do that, seedless grapes are nevertheless a healthy and above all delicious alternative.

So: on your marks – get set – snack!

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