The secret to an energetic start to the day: a healthy breakfast

Gesunde Lebensmittel zum Frühstück

For some people, breakfast is the most important meal; others are complete breakfast grouches. Opinions also vary on the type and size of the first meal of the day. Today, we look at some of the healthy breakfast foods that will get your day off to an energetic start.

Whole grain bread

Carbohydrate reserves need to be replenished in the morning to provide the body with energy and make it strong. A slice of bread is a good choice here. However, complex carbohydrates are preferential to simple carbs: this is because simple carbohydrates, such as those found in white flour products, cause blood sugar levels to rocket, which in turn can lead to cravings.


Homemade muesli made from (whole grain) rolled oats and seeds (e. g. pumpkin seeds and flax seeds) is not only a good source of high-quality carbohydrate but also rich in fibre and minerals. These aid digestion and help to keep us full for longer. However, sugary, shop-bought muesli is best avoided. If you like a crunchy muesli, nuts are a good option; they provide satiating protein, plenty of minerals like potassium and magnesium and healthy unsaturated fatty acids.


Protein-rich foods are also ideal at breakfast time as they keep us full for a long time. How about a cereal drink or a soya quark alternative with muesli or fruit? Eggs are of course the ultimate protein-rich food.

Fruit and vegetables

Fresh fruit and vegetables are a vital ingredient in a balanced breakfast. They provide valuable vitamins, antioxidants and fibre. Fruit tastes delicious in muesli or sliced on whole grain bread; vegetables make a good savoury snack on bread.

Warm dishes

Traditional Chinese medicine swears by warm soups for breakfast. Warm meals are particularly comforting for the body as the digestive system does not need to heat them up to body temperature. If you prefer something sweet, warm porridge is worth a try. An added benefit is that it is rich in fibre and therefore keeps us full for longer without causing blood sugar levels to rocket.


Even if none of our breakfast ideas appeal to you and you still prefer to pass on breakfast, you should nevertheless ensure that you get enough fluids to start the day. Water or unsweetened herbal and fruit teas are good options. But one or two cups of coffee are also absolutely fine to get yourself going in the morning.

As is always the case, simply give something a try and then decide if that is how you wish to start your day. Wishing you lots of joy and an energy-filled morning!

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