Responsibility for tomorrow: what does that mean?


Sustainability, environmental protection and social responsibility are words that are on everyone’s lips these days. But what do these terms mean and what has awareness of tomorrow got to do with us today? We spoke to our colleagues on the ground and found answers to the most important questions.

What does sustainable mean?

Growing sustainably essentially means growing in an environmentally friendly way. This entails being aware of the raw materials that we use.

  1. Organic fertilisers are used as they are not as aggressive and damaging as chemical fertilisers.
  2. Artificial irrigation systems are used sparingly as nature follows its own rhythm and the plants are supplied with water when necessary.
  3. As much as possible is recycled. Packaging is reused for example.
Picture: Working on a pineapple field
Picture: Working on a pineapple field


How is sustainability monitored?

By initiating codes of practice and certification processes, compliance with internationally recognised standards can be checked. We are very proud of the fact that, in 1998, we were the first agriculture company in the world to be certified in accordance with the internationally recognised ISO 14001 environmental standard. This is an indication that even then we complied with environmental management standards and were continuously driving improvement processes.

 And what about the local people and employees?

We also have standards and policies relating to our employees. In addition to these, there are many other ways of supporting people, for example by developing medical care, schools, education and infrastructure.

Stakeholder groups are also formed and supported so that people can discuss issues with one another and support one another – as ultimately this is what is really important and even today helps us to move forward.

Picture: training as part of the Dale Foundation
Picture: training as part of the Dale Foundation


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