Shopping with a Grocery List Is Linked to a Healthier Diet and Lower BMI

When it’s time for the weekly grocery haul, do you a) write out a list and stick to it or b) head straight to the store and wing it? If you answered “b”, you may want to grab a pen and pad. A 2015 study from RAND Health, a nonprofit research organization specializing in health policy, found that writing out a grocery list before shopping was linked to lower BMI and healthier food choices in two urban neighborhoods.

Top 5 housekeeping tips using fruit

There is often more to fruit than the delicious pulp. How about adding the skin of a banana to the blender or using pineapple to make cleaning your house easier? Today we have compiled our top 5 fruitiest everyday tips for you!

The Dole Farm Code – with 5 figures for the plantation

If you have a craving for fresh fruit, your first port of call is, naturally, the nearest supermarket. It’s really fascinating when you think about where the delicious vitamin bombs come from and the route that they have taken. Pssst … we can reveal how you can discover the secret of our fruit!

Hot weather headaches – Mitigate migraine risk

Soaring temperatures and scorching sun can trigger summer headaches – even among the young and healthy. Indeed, when Brazilian researchers analyzed data for 100 adolescents between the ages of 10 to 19 years of age, they looked at 44 possible triggering factors.

Sweet! Odour code of fruit and other foods decoded

We can enjoy the sensuous pleasure of fresh fruit even while we slice it up. As the scent of strawberries or oranges wafts towards us, we can hardly wait to try the sweet deliciousness. Scientists at the Technische Universität München (TUM) recently unveiled the secret behind the unique aromas of different foods.

Congratulations Jenny!

Come to Hamburg for Dole Energy-Day and join us in bringing the Energy Code to life – that was the call that went out to our interested bloggers. One of these had to be selected as “best post”, as one of our bloggers was to travel to the Dole research institute in Kannapolis in the USA. And the winner is…

Out you go! Light, air and exercise are good for us

For many people, summer is one of the nicest times of the year. And for good reason: this is when we can enjoy ourselves outdoors and recharge our batteries. It is precisely those of us who spend most of our days indoors in enclosed spaces who should make the most of the summer months to reap the physical and mental benefits.

Never too late to live longer!

Say you’ve made it to the ripe old age of 70 after a lifetime of not-so-great eating habits — why change now? Because you may live longer, research suggests. Eat healthy after 70 and you’ll boost your chances of reaching 80.