Making salads tasty for kids

Salad is generally not number one among children’s favourite meals. But is there some way to tempt kids with this crunchy classic? With these salads for children, even picky vitamin “refuseniks” can be persuaded, with some patience, to eat these healthy greens.

Healthy carrot cake

Who said vegetables were boring! Our healthy carrot cake is not only delicious, it is also suitable for vegans and needs just a few ingredients, the most important being juicy carrots, a few crunchy nuts and wholemeal flour.

Re-interpreted: Caesar Salad with cabbage

Caesar Salad is a well-known and well-loved classic. We like it best when it’s jazzed up with different members of the cabbage family. Cauliflower, broccoli and Brussels sprouts tickle the taste buds and give this classic a special kick.

Baking with vegetables: beetroot brownies

Small, round and healthy: beetroot is a real super food. Most people eat it in savoury dishes, but it also tastes great in cakes and makes the dough really moist. Our recipe today for healthy beetroot brownies shows how delicious cakes baked with vegetables can be!

Apple cranberry coleslaw

Coleslaw is the most popular raw vegetable salad of German people! Have you ever tried a sweet-spicy version of the salad? Our delicious coleslaw recipe with apples and dried cranberries is perfect for setting the mood for Christmas.

Healthy finger food for your New Year’s Eve party

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. If you plan a party, we have something for you! Try our homemade “My Energy” party food and celebrate the New Year in a vital and delicious way. These healthy snacks are a fresh alternative to common party recipes.

Roasted sweet potatoes with spinach

Are you up for sweet potatoes? Those tasty little tubers are not only very healthy, but also versatile in the kitchen. We combine them with spinach and mushrooms to create a delicious and light meal, perfect for lunch and dinner. Here is our favourite sweet potato recipe!

Kale and carrot tart

Finally it’s kale season! There are a lot of different ways to prepare this healthy vegetable. Have you ever tried kale on a tart? In combination with carrots and hummus this makes a beautiful and tasty autumn meal. Ingredients for one tart: 90 g whole-wheat flour 90 g all-purpose flour 2 tablespoons flaxseed meal ½Continue reading Kale and carrot tart

Ferment pumpkins: Autumnal Recipe

Finally, the time has come: Autumn is pumpkin time. For a few weeks we can fill our plates and bellies with delicious and healthy flesh of red kuri squash, butternut, pattison and the like. Whether boiled, fried or out of the oven, we all have our favorite recipes – currently very popular is fermented pumpkin!