Warm berry soup with blueberries

Berry … what?? That’s right, today we are conjuring up a deliciously warm berry soup with blueberries! The best thing about this dish is that, because it is a warm berry soup, you will be able to continue to enjoy these healthy fruits after the summer.

Takeaway couscous and blueberries

Couscous has been a very popular dish – either as a main course or a dessert – for some time now. But this healthy and substantial staple also makes the perfect snack to take with you when you are on the go or at work – and this recipe with couscous and blueberries is particularly fresh and fruity.

Blueberry smoothie with coconut

Mmmmm, we have rarely tasted such creamy blueberry deliciousness. The small blue vitamin bombs are combined with coconut, bananas, raspberries and honey to make a divine smoothie …

Crispy banana cake with rolled oats

Wow, it’s crispy! Using bananas, apples and rolled oats, we conjure up a tasty and crunchy cake – perfect for in between meals! This crispy banana cake with rolled oats makes a delicious breakfast or afternoon snack and is easy to make even if you are not a baking aficionado.

Banana muffins on the go

These tasty banana muffins are deliciously soft, sweet and fruity – and they have taken our heart by storm as the perfect snack! Today we give you our recipe for takeaway banana muffins.

Summer on a stick: pineapple ice pops

Yummy! Now you can enjoy a delicious ice lolly at any time as this fruity summer treat is quick and easy to make at home. Our pineapple ice pops with pomegranate make for a delicious delight. A must-have in the freezer compartment!

Chickpea salad with a twist

Snacking can be colourful! Chickpea salad makes a satisfying meal and provides valuable protein and iron. Juicy oranges, savoury rocket, onions and tomatoes add colour and delicious flavours to the mix.

Lunchbox: Colourful fruit kebabs for kids

Little thinkers need some hearty sustenance. This is where a deliciously fresh, creative lunchbox with fruit, vegetables and whole grain comes in. These colourful fruit kebabs and other tasty treats are bound to get the kids excited during the summer.