Back to school: healthy lunchbox ideas for children

What would breaks be like without a tasty treat? Our kids have become very sophisticated when it comes to their school snacks, and it’s not always easy for us to come up with new snack ideas. We have some new lunchbox suggestions for you with extra fruit power. The next break time will be healthy and colourful!

Another way with bananas: spicy banana dip

Banana split, banana bread, banana shake … just some of the banana recipes that we are familiar with. How about a spicy banana dip for a change? Quick to make, it is the perfect accompaniment for fish, meat, vegetables and even salad.

Fresh and fruity: lettuce with avocado and berries

Fruit and berries are a popular, tried-and-tested addition to muesli but they also add a sweet and refreshing twist to salads. We have opted for blueberries in this recipe. These small blue berries not only jazz up the taste of the salad, they also provide plenty of valuable nutrients, including vitamins, phytochemicals and tannins.

Fruity, spicy dip: blueberry ketchup

Ketchup always means tomatoes, right? Not necessarily! Blueberry ketchup is a berry-flavoured version of the classic dip. Its fruity flavour complements grilled food and crispy sweet potato chips.

Homemade fruit tea

As a new year begins, we can help you to really get warmed up. The fruity warmth of our homemade fruit tea will help you to survive the cold season.