Quinoa and asparagus salad

Spring is here and so is asparagus! This healthy green vegetable is not only delicious when prepared in a classical way. Try our tasty combination with quinoa to make a quick and easy spring-like Quinoa and Asparagus salad.

Home made herb dressing

Spring is on the way and so are lots of fresh herbs. How about giving your salad a fresh and spring-like taste with this delicious home made herb dressing? Give it a try!

Banana and Berry Breakfast Cups

Cupcakes for breakfast? No problem, if you prepare them in a healthy way. Our fruity Banana and Berry Breakfast Cups are made quickly and are ideal for a colorful and healthy brunch in spring!

Food trend: acai bowls

Fancy some exotic enjoyment on a grey winter’s day? Then a delicious acai bowl is probably just the thing for you! Acai bowls are basically “smoothies you can eat with a spoon”. Try out the food trend and enjoy an exotic acai bowl with coconut! We got the recipe for you.

Three quick recipes for winter vegetable soups

In winter, tasty vegetable soups are great! But novice cooks are frequently daunted by what they think is the long preparation time. Don’t worry – with our three quick recipes you can conjure up a healthy meal that will not take you more than 30 minutes in the kitchen

Kale: Cool recipes for this trendy vegetable

We think of kale mainly as a traditional side dish for hearty foods like sausage and bacon. In the USA, however, kale has had a meteoric rise to popularity. And, in fact, this member of the brassica family is more versatile than you would initially expect!