Blueberry energy balls

The afternoon slump is looming – do you need a little pick-me-up? If so, we have a super snack tip for you: our Blueberry energy balls are easy to prepare and take with you on the go.

Banana citrus date bars

Longing for something sweet? We have a fruity Christmas treat for you: Our banana citrus date bars are super delicious but still healthy.

Eatable Halloween decoration: hollowed-out pineapples

Everybody has hollowed-out pumpkins? How about a hollowed-out pineapple? We introduce this exotic fruit and show you how you can do the eatable Halloween decoration yourself. This creepy Halloween pineapple is an eye catcher on the next Halloween party!

Healthy homemade banana ice cream

You are looking for and healthy homemade ice cream? Here we go! This recipe is super easy to prepare. You only need 3 ingredients and there is no need of an ice cream maker!

Endless summer beach goers’ wraps

Summer is almost here which makes us want to have light summer dishes. The portability of a wrap makes it just as well suited to supper in your backyard as to a picnic at the beach. Try this fruity wrapped salad!

Banana and Berry Breakfast Cups

Cupcakes for breakfast? No problem, if you prepare them in a healthy way. Our fruity Banana and Berry Breakfast Cups are made quickly and are ideal for a colorful and healthy brunch in spring!

Food trend: acai bowls

Fancy some exotic enjoyment on a grey winter’s day? Then a delicious acai bowl is probably just the thing for you! Acai bowls are basically “smoothies you can eat with a spoon”. Try out the food trend and enjoy an exotic acai bowl with coconut! We got the recipe for you.

Making your own tea – we show you how it’s done

Now that autumn has arrived, a cup of hot tea warms us up particularly well. But the aromatic pleasure does not always need to be bought as a finished product. We show you how to make your favourite tea quite easily by yourself.