Raw food – enjoyment without cooking


A raw food diet is a very specific form of nutrition. Essentially it involves eating food without heating it. The focus is usually on fruit and vegetables, grain products, nuts, herbs and dairy products. Some proponents of this type of diet completely avoid animal or processed foods. Several different approaches are adopted.

Customised eating

One of the perceived benefits of a raw food diet is that you obtain many of the vitamins and minerals that are partially or completely destroyed by heat in the cooking process. However, certain cooking methods can actually improve the absorption of other nutrients. Some people tolerate steamed vegetables better than raw ones. For this reason, we recommend trying out what feels best for you.

Likewise, highly processed food, like convenience food, has no place in a raw food diet. Such food should generally not feature too frequently in your diet as it sometimes contains hidden sugar for example.

Picture: Whether raw or cooked – fruits and vegetables are always tasty

Variety is the spice of life

Crunchy fruit and vegetables enhance the plate in a number of ways. Their benefits can be enjoyed on a daily basis – even without having to follow a raw food diet completely. A diet based mainly on fresh green leaves, smoothies or vitamin- and fibre-rich vegetables can be ideally supplemented with steamed fish or a warm, nutritious soup. Creative variety and your own personal combinations are fun and also ensure that you obtain the most important nutrients. The great thing is that everyone can decide for themselves which type of food to choose. As is frequently the case: to each their own.

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