Raspberry varieties – surprisingly varied


We love sweet and juicy raspberries: they are the perfect snack when on the go or in between meals. But did you know that raspberries are not always pink? These fruity little powerhouses also come in a striking yellow or black – a berry for every taste! Today, we want to give all you vitamin fans a brief overview of the various raspberry varieties.

The red classic

Whether shop-bought or grown in the garden, we are all familiar with the classic light or dark red raspberry. A distinction is made between summer-fruiting and autumn-fruiting raspberries, depending on when they are harvested. The specific variety determines the taste, which varies from intensely sweet to rather sour. Like all raspberries, the pink classic varieties are rich in fibre, vitamin C, B vitamins, phytochemicals and iron. They are also low in calories. These sensitive fruits are picked when they are ripe and taste good on their own, mixed into a smoothie or added to porridge. By the way, Dole raspberries come from the USA, Spain, Italy, Chile, Mexico and Argentina, which means you can enjoy them the whole year round.

Yellow and healthy

If you like a bit of variety in your fruit bowl, you will be pleased to see yellow raspberries! While you will rarely find these in the shops, their robust nature means they are quite easy to grow at home in a pot or in the garden. These less well-known raspberry varieties have expressive names like Golden Queen, Fallgold or Autumn Amber, reflecting their golden yellow colour. The Yellow Antwerp raspberry is actually the oldest variety in Europe. The taste of golden-yellow raspberries is often reminiscent of forest raspberries. Tip: If you would like to enjoy the exceptional pleasure for longer, simply freeze some of the fruit.

Dark aroma surprise

In addition to red and yellow raspberry varieties, why not try a purple or black version? The dark raspberry varieties belong to the Rubus occidentalis species, which hails from North America. Because these are so dark and also prickly, they are easily mistaken for blackberries. However, they are actually very dark raspberries. Their taste can be described as very intense and sweet. Due to their striking, dark purple colouring, these raspberry variants are perfect for stewing or as a topping for salads.

With such an exciting variety of raspberries, you are guaranteed not to be bored when snacking! How about creatively combining all the different-coloured raspberries as a fruit salad, on a cake or in your lunchbox?

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