Peeling oranges – a guide!

Orangen schälen

A deliciously juicy orange is the perfect sweet choice for a hot summer’s day. But as we all know, it can sometimes take some skill to get to the flesh of this exotic fruit. Here we show you how to peel an orange without despairing! It’s very easy!


  • Using a sharp knife, cut off the top and bottom of the orange so that the flesh is visible.
  • Next, cut the skin off from top to bottom lengthways.
  • Tip for clean hands: Drive a spoon in under the skin and remove it.

Oranges that are good and ripe are particularly easy to peel. Unripe or slightly dry fruit needs a bit more effort to peel.

Tip: Roll the orange on a wooden board before peeling it, this can also help to remove the skin.

Et voilà – a nicely peeled orange! Now, using the knife, carefully separate the segments of orange from one another and the pith. If you hold the orange over a bowl while doing this, you will also catch the delicious orange juice.

Ready for orange time? Enjoy the summer!

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