Peeling bananas correctly

Bananen richtig schälen

Sorry? Who needs instructions on peeling a banana?! It seems like the easiest thing in the world to do but most people actually do it the wrong way. Anyone who wants to peel a banana correctly should take a tip from the real “banana experts” – our monkey friends! They open the yellow fruit from the stalk at the bottom of the banana, not the top!

Why does that make sense?

Quite simply – it can often be tricky to break the skin open at the top, particularly when the banana is fresh and firm. The flesh of the banana is often unattractively crushed as a result. Another reason to open the fruit from the other end is that you don’t need to remove any of the annoying threads before eating as they remain in the peel as you remove it.

Peeling your banana correctly

The clever way to get to the sweet fruit is to press the bottom end of the banana between your thumb and index finger. This will split the skin of the banana into two separate parts, which can now be easily peeled back.

Et voilà! This is how easy it is to peel bananas correctly and snack on them all the quicker!

Think outside the box and try it!

Your Dole Team




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