Spice it up: Spices and herbs may improve heart health

Protect your heart by flavoring food? It’s not too delicious to be true. Spices and herbs not only add calorie- and sodium-free flavor to recipes, but pack potent antioxidants that may improve risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease.

Autumn fatigue: our 12 tips

The days are getting shorter, colder and, above all, darker. Listlessness or ‘autumn fatigue’ is a phenomenon that many people face every year. We say: throw the autumn blues over board and read our 12 tips for fighting autumn fatigue.

Easy homemade muesli

A breakfast of homemade muesli is just the right thing for a healthy and nutritious start to the day. And it’s easy to make. A muesli provides all the important components of a healthy diet. We are fans of homemade muesli – the sky’s the limit when it comes to ingredients and you can simply try and combine whatever you like or whatever you are in the mood for. Below are some of our most popular recipes.

An explanation of gluten and FODMAPs

From pasta, to bread, and even to cupcakes, gluten-free foods are suddenly the rage but it’s not always necessary to ditch gluten permanently. But is it really necessary to eat completely gluten-free and what are FODMAPs?

Making your own Halloween decorations: some spookily beautiful tips

Halloween is just around the corner and we are looking forward to celebrating it! This spookily beautiful event originated among the Catholic Irish. The Irish brought the tradition with them to the USA, where it became established as a holiday for the entire country and is now one of the most important events of the year. Many Europeans now also celebrate the holiday on 31 October.

Pumpkin soup: three recipes for autumn

Pumpkins are finally in season again now in October. The vibrantly coloured vegetable not only looks beautiful but is also the perfect ingredient for autumn cooking. Warm pumpkin soup is particularly delicious. We show you three different ways to prepare it.

Fight back pain with Pilates

A favorite exercise among fitness-enthusiasts and celebrities, Pilates is the ultimate workout for toning muscles and achieving a long, lean physique—but there’s more to Pilates. Researchers have shown Pilates may also be the ideal exercise for easing chronic lower back pain.

Tasty and healthy: indulge in some autumn plums!

Yikes – autumn again already? If you haven’t yet discovered the pleasure of sweet plums, you will need to hurry. This versatile stone fruit not only tastes delicious on its own or in a cake. Read here how you can let the summer fade away sweetly.

Recipes for energy: green smoothies

We love it green – and for good reason. Everyone’s talking about green smoothies these days and they are the perfect choice in three respects – they are tasty, healthy and quick to make. Easy to make: here are our favourite green smoothies.