Health benefits of strawberries

Strawberry season has recently begun. But what’s inside these little red berries and which health benefits do they have? There are many reasons to enjoy strawberries!

Healthy alternatives to butter

Butter contains saturated fat, which is often associated with a rise in harmful cholesterol. That is why more and more people look for healthy alternatives to butter. Check out our healthy ways to substitute butter – and experience some new delicious flavours on your plate.

Quinoa and asparagus salad

Spring is here and so is asparagus! This healthy green vegetable is not only delicious when prepared in a classical way. Try our tasty combination with quinoa to make a quick and easy spring-like Quinoa and Asparagus salad.

How to find motivation for outdoor sports

Have you ever tried to fight your inner couch potato? Sitting on the sofa after a long day at work or a sunday afternoon is often more attractive than to get up and go to the gym. Even Eric sometimes has to find his motivation for sports.

Is fructose really bad for us?

Almost everyone has already heard of the terms “fructose” or “fruit sugar”. But what is the truth about them? Is fructose good or bad for us and which fruits are the highest in fruit sugar?

Fructose or fruit sugar occurs naturally in fruits and their juices, as well as in honey and also in lower amounts in vegetables. As with every kind of sugar it is all about the quantity and the source of sugar to help you prevent negative health effects.

Sitting with stress – sedentary activity linked to anxiety

You may have heard that “sitting is the new smoking”—several studies have linked long periods of sitting to increased BMI, greater risk of chronic disease, and shorter life expectancy. But the harmful effects of sitting may not stop there: Research out of Australia suggests the longer you sit, the greater your risk of anxiety.

Is rhubarb healthy? 5 interesting facts

The typical rhubarb season is from April to June. The perennial plant is very popular, but it is also associated with adverse health effects. Is rhubarb healthy? We reveal the secret of the sweet-sour vegetable!