Top 5 housekeeping tips using fruit

There is often more to fruit than the delicious pulp. How about adding the skin of a banana to the blender or using pineapple to make cleaning your house easier? Today we have compiled our top 5 fruitiest everyday tips for you!

The Dole Farm Code – with 5 figures for the plantation

If you have a craving for fresh fruit, your first port of call is, naturally, the nearest supermarket. It’s really fascinating when you think about where the delicious vitamin bombs come from and the route that they have taken. Pssst … we can reveal how you can discover the secret of our fruit!

Raspberries – pink and very popular!

Oh how romantic … raspberries are part of the rose family. All in pink and wonderfully sweet, they are simply a fruit to love. It is not surprising that the entire fruit, including leaves, flowers and roots, has always been used in natural medicine. Try our recipes!

Hot weather headaches – Mitigate migraine risk

Soaring temperatures and scorching sun can trigger summer headaches – even among the young and healthy. Indeed, when Brazilian researchers analyzed data for 100 adolescents between the ages of 10 to 19 years of age, they looked at 44 possible triggering factors.

Sweet! Odour code of fruit and other foods decoded

We can enjoy the sensuous pleasure of fresh fruit even while we slice it up. As the scent of strawberries or oranges wafts towards us, we can hardly wait to try the sweet deliciousness. Scientists at the Technische Universität München (TUM) recently unveiled the secret behind the unique aromas of different foods.

Swim for life – Water workouts beat running and walking

Getting to the finish line first is usually a good thing — but not when it comes to your life span! If you want to stretch out your years as long as possible, you may want to hit the pool this summer. Amazing research shows swimmers beat both runners and walkers in lowest rates of mortality.

Vitamin D: Let the sunshine in!

Not a cloud in the sky and perfect summer weather? Then get outside quickly, because UV light plays a key role in producing vitamin D. Yes, dear fruit fans, in this case an apple a day is not exactly what the doctor orders. But that’s not a problem – if you actively use the sun, instead of lying on the couch.

BBQ enjoyment! Fruit and vegetables on the grill

So you thought that only a juicy, sizzling steak was the perfect ingredient for a barbecue evening? Wrong! True gourmets are now also cooking courgettes, peppers, potatoes and bananas on the hot coals. When the seductive aromas waft through the air, even die-hard meat lovers will quickly be won over – want to bet?