Peeling bananas correctly

Anyone who wants to peel a banana correctly should take a tip from the real “banana experts” – our monkey friends! They open the yellow fruit from the stalk at the bottom of the banana, not the top!

Where do bananas grow?

We can buy this yellow fruit at any time in the supermarket but where do bananas actually grow? We are hot on the trail of this exotic beauty and want to take you with us on a journey to the warm homeland of this delicious tropical fruit.

Banana muffins on the go

These tasty banana muffins are deliciously soft, sweet and fruity – and they have taken our heart by storm as the perfect snack! Today we give you our recipe for takeaway banana muffins.

Double down on bananas

Eating a banana before working out can prevent sore muscles afterwards. That’s because the fruit has an anti-inflammatory effect and therefore works similar to aspirin and other painkillers.

Summer on a stick: pineapple ice pops

Yummy! Now you can enjoy a delicious ice lolly at any time as this fruity summer treat is quick and easy to make at home. Our pineapple ice pops with pomegranate make for a delicious delight. A must-have in the freezer compartment!

Is the core of the pineapple edible?

Before you get to the sweet and juicy flesh of the pineapple, some cutting work is needed. It’s true that hardly anyone would want to eat the hard skin and green leaves of this exquisite fruit. But what about the core of the pineapple? Is it edible? We reveal all!

Does eating pineapple burn fat?

A common myth persists when it comes to the popular pineapple: eating this fruit can automatically help you to lose weight quickly. But is it actually true that pineapples boost fat burning?