Sweet side salad: bulgur with pineapple

Fruity, sweet and nutty is how we imagine the perfect side salad to accompany exotic dishes. This oriental recipe for bulgur with pineapple and pecan nuts will enchant your taste buds and evoke the world of the Arabian Nights.

Healthy beauty: Five reasons to fall in love with mangoes

No other fruit is as versatile and yet as healthy as the mango. The oval-shaped fruit adds an exotic touch to any dish – desserts, fish curry or breakfast muesli. Today, we look at all the other benefits of mangoes and discover the nutrients that they contain.

Back to school: healthy lunchbox ideas for children

What would breaks be like without a tasty treat? Our kids have become very sophisticated when it comes to their school snacks, and it’s not always easy for us to come up with new snack ideas. We have some new lunchbox suggestions for you with extra fruit power. The next break time will be healthy and colourful!

Pineapple enzyme, Asthma relief

Research suggests that the pineapple enzyme bromelain appeared to reduce inflammation associated with asthma. Though bromelain is sold in supplement form, our lab tests revealed that fresh and frozen pineapple has as high — and in many cases higher — enzymatic activity compared to pills, which also cannot provide the synergistic interactions with other whole food nutrients that can be lost in isolation.

How many calories do bananas really have?

The banana is one of the most popular fruits but it also has a bad reputation as being one of the most high-calorie fruits as well. Today we clarify how many calories bananas really have and how the nutrients and calorie content vary between fresh and baked bananas.

Another way with bananas: spicy banana dip

Banana split, banana bread, banana shake … just some of the banana recipes that we are familiar with. How about a spicy banana dip for a change? Quick to make, it is the perfect accompaniment for fish, meat, vegetables and even salad.