Nordic Walking: how you do it right

Nordic Walking - how you do it right

Nordic Walking is a wonderful sport for beginners and you can exercise throughout the whole year. Although the risk of injury is low, the correct Nordic Walking technique is important to achieve success in training and to avoid overloading. With these tips, it’ll work.

Tip 1: The correct pole length

Make sure that the poles are adjustable in height. Whether the length fits, you will find out quickly by trying them out. Your movements should be harmonious and smooth.

Tip 2: The right use of your poles

The poles are not a fashion accessory but your training equipment. Again, it depends on the correct Nordic Walking technique. Use the poles dynamically!

Tip 3: The diagonal stride

Walk in the diagonal stride with your knees slightly bent. Let your right arm swing back toward your hip while you bring the left arm and right leg forward. A coach can help you to learn this important Nordic Walking technique.

Tip 4: Try not to tense up

Hunched shoulders or walking with hands always closed can complicate harmonic movements and will quickly lead to stiff muscles. The hand loops at the poles help you to open your hands while swinging the poles backwards.

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