Nice and cool – easy, fruity ice cream enjoyment

Fruchtiger Eisspaß

Keep it fresh! When you want to keep a cool head on warm days, you can’t beat a deliciously refreshing ice cream. But forget about the manufactured ice-cold products you find in the supermarket as they frequently contain high amounts of sugar and fat. Instead, conjure up some creative delicacies yourself using plenty of fresh fruit. On to the spoon, get set, go!

Something fruity on a stick

The easiest way to transform fruit into something cold and tasty.

You will need:

Fresh fruit, such as berries, mangos, oranges or kiwis
Fruit juice – freshly squeezed is perfect
Sweetener, such as honey or agave syrup
Ice pop moulds (you will find these in shops selling kitchen utensils)


1. Wash the fruit, peel it if necessary and purée it together with the fruit juice.
2. Some agave syrup or honey will provide that certain special sweetness. If you prefer your ice pops “straight”, simply leave out the sweetener.
3. Pour the fruit mixture into the little moulds and leave them in the freezer for a few hours.
4. Let’s lick!


Crème de la Crème

For anyone with a sweet tooth, who likes it milky!

You will need:

Your favourite fresh fruit
Milk, yoghurt or quark
Sweetener such as honey or agave syrup
Cinnamon, vanilla, nuts for added taste


1. Purée the fruit and some honey or agave syrup.
2. Add your preferred dairy product and stir.
3. Place the mixture in the freezer and stir it through every 20 minutes until you have a creamy mass of ice cream. Flavour with a pinch of cinnamon or vanilla.
4. Arrange in small dishes and garnish with nuts.

Tip: Hollow out pineapples, melons or oranges and spoon your ice cream creation directly from the fruit shell.


Slushy fun

Semi-frozen drink enjoyment!

You will need:

A variety of fruit; soft fruit is a good choice, e.g. melon
Ice cubes


1. Cut the fruit up into small pieces and remove any pips or stones.
2. Freeze the fruit in a freezer bag for a few hours and then purée the fruit.
3. Add ice cubes and purée again.
4. Serve stylishly in tall glasses with a straw and savour!


Fruit on the rocks

Ice cubes – as you’ve never seen them!

You will need:

Delicious fruit – of course
Fresh mint leaves
Ice cube moulds


1. Slice up the fruit; keep smaller fruit, such as berries, whole.
2. Wash the mint leaves.
3. Fill the ice cube moulds one-third full with water.
4. Add the fruit and the mint leaves and fill the moulds up to the brim.
5. Wait, wait, wait …
6. Into the glass and the summer party erupts into colour!

Your Dole team hopes you have a cool summer!




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