Maracuja or passion fruit – is there a difference?

Maracuja Passionsfrucht Unterschied

The maracuja is characterised by its fruitiness, juiciness, round shape and intense colour. So is the passion fruit. Sorry?! Maracuja and passion fruit are one and the same thing! Or are they? Don’t be confused – they are actually two different fruits with a number of crucial differences. However, they are very closely related, which is why one is often mistaken for the other. Today, we will clear up the confusion between the maracuja and the passion fruit once and for all. We will make sure that you get the right fruit!

Tip 1: The clue is in the name

Surprise! Strictly speaking, both fruits are passion fruit, of which there are almost 20 edible types. However, the maracuja is also known as a yellow granadilla, and its relative, which we know as the passion fruit, is the purple granadilla. Both can be described as vines and produce beautiful flowers. There are typically around 250 seeds contained within each maracuja or passion fruit. These seeds are safe to eat. Good to know: Only the really ripe fruit has the familiar, deliciously aromatic flavour.

Tip 2: On closer inspection!

Who would have thought it? The passion fruit (or rather purple granadilla) is what we usually see on the packaging of juices, jams and the like – even if the corresponding product contains mostly maracuja. This is because the passion fruit is visually more striking. The glowing skin of the round or oval-shaped fruit ranges in colour from an intense green-brown to a deep purple. Its delicious flesh is a stunning yellow-orange colour. In comparison, the maracuja is much more unassuming with skin that is light green in colour, turning to soft yellow as it ripens; the flesh is an unobtrusive shade of orange. But at up to 8 cm in size, the maracuja outdoes the passion fruit, which is only half as big.

Tip 3: An acquired taste

Once you bite into a maracuja or passion fruit, you will straight away taste the difference between the two fruits. This is because the passion fruit tastes sweeter than the maracuja, so it goes well with muesli, fruit salads and smoothies. If you like a sourer taste, the maracuja is the right one for you. Delicious in yoghurt or on fresh fruit tarts. Why not try it combined with banana to enjoy the somewhat sour flavour of the maracuja?

But both the maracuja and the passion fruit are healthy. So perhaps you don’t need to decide at all but simply enjoy both exotic flavours.

Maracuja or passion fruit – which one is your favourite?

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