Making your own Halloween decorations: some spookily beautiful tips

Halloween Deko selber machen

Halloween is just around the corner and we are looking forward to celebrating it! This spookily beautiful event originated among the Catholic Irish. The Irish brought the tradition with them to the USA, where it became established as a holiday for the entire country and is now one of the most important events of the year. Many Europeans now also celebrate the holiday on 31 October.

This year, we are looking at homemade Halloween decorations! For us, this means a healthy, natural and fruity alternative to sugary sweet flavours.


Scary apple teeth

Picture: Scary apple teeth
Picture: Scary apple teeth















You will need: apples, flaked almonds, chocolate discs and toothpicks.
It’s easy: Cut an apple into quarters and on the outside make an incision the width of one finger to create a hole for the mouth. Use the flaked almonds to create teeth. Top tip: For a really scary look, arrange the flaked almonds unevenly. Using a teaspoon, cut out round eyes from another apple, attach chocolate discs to them, put them on toothpicks and stick them onto the apple teeth. Halloween decorations can be this easy!


Wailing banshees made from bananas and mandarin pumpkins

Picture: Bananas and mandarin pumpkins
Picture: Bananas and mandarin pumpkins













To make these you will need: bananas, chocolate discs, mandarin oranges and a parsley stalk. Peel the bananas and cut them in half width-wise. Decorate them with chocolate discs and your banana banshees are ready!
Peel the mandarins and carefully stick a piece of the parsley stalk into the top.

This fruity Halloween decoration is very sweet and easy to make yourself.



For those of you who are particularly creative: salad snacks in ‘pumpkins’


Picture: Salad snack
Picture: Salad snack













This requires a certain amount of skill! Carefully remove the stalks from some red and yellow peppers and hollow out the inside of each pepper. Using a sharp knife, cut out a jagged Halloween face on one side. Fill the pepper with delicious salad leaves of your choice and serve to your guests.




Making your own Halloween decorations is as easy as that. Do you have any more ideas?

Your Dole team wishes you a spookily beautiful Halloween!








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