Making the most of the final days of winter – 5 ideas for families

Wintertage Familien

Maybe you’re longing for spring and looking forward to more heat and light? Be patient! Instead of just stressing about “surviving” the dark days of winter, now is the time to make use of the final days of this season and have some fun as a family! There are lots of activities that can be enjoyed together when the temperature drops. Here are our 5 ideas for family winter activities:

1. A night hike

Darkness falls early on winter evenings, giving young and old the perfect opportunity to set off on a night hike together before bedtime. Wrap up warm, grab your torch or lantern and get out into nature. The evening mood in the dark fascinates children and adults alike and is sure to remain a lovely memory for a long time to come. A selection of cheerful songs will quickly banish any spooky feelings during a night hike through the wintry darkness.

2. Fruity biscuits from your own oven

Baking biscuits is an enjoyable activity, not just at Christmas but throughout the entire winter. It’s a great idea for families, as it provides an opportunity for everyone to get together even if the weather is bad. And everyone gets to enjoy the delicious results! So why not use these last days of winter to enjoy some baking fun in the kitchen. And we have just the recipe for some tasty fruitiness!

3. Some action-packed skating

Last chance! Now is the time for anyone who wants to keep active over the remaining winter days: get out on the ice rink! After all, the skating season is generally over once spring arrives. So, without further ado, zip up your skates and enjoy some “fitness training” on your blades with the family. All angles are covered: pack some fruit sandwiches and warm fruit teas to ensure young and old ice princes and ice princesses have enough healthy sustenance.

4. A cosy games evening

As soon as spring comes, families will be spending more time outside again. So the final winter days offer the opportunity to get nice and cosy inside. A lively games evening is therefore a lovely idea for families. Have a rummage through the shelves, pick out a party game and get going! When choosing a game, bear in mind the youngest players so that everyone will enjoy the “competition”. Delicious: Serve fruit chips and homemade energy bars so everyone has something to nibble on.

5. Time to catch up on some reading

Winter is a particularly enchanting time for books. Children love when the grown-ups read fairy tales and other stories out loud to them. Our idea for families: it’s worthwhile making a trip to the nearest book shop for new reading material. Here you can browse to your heart’s content, marvel at what is available and choose your books. It’s an opportunity that you probably won’t get as often once the sun starts to shine again. So – make the most of these final winter days and spend an afternoon with the family browsing the bookshelves.

Dear winter, would you perhaps like to stay a while?!

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