Lunchbox with grape kebabs


Looking for new inspiration for some super snacks? Luckily, lunch break will never again be boring thanks to our fruity nibbles. Our colourful lunchbox with grape kebabs also includes mango flowers, nuts and pumpernickel nibbles – if only the school timetable was as varied. This lunchbox is quick and easy to prepare.

Let’s see what goes into it:

Well, grape kebabs to start with: Alternate the green and black grapes on little wooden skewers.

Mango flowers: To make these, simply cut out flower-shaped pieces of mango and decorate them with blueberries.

Pumpernickel nibbles make a substantial snack: Place guacamole and slices of tomato between two slices of pumpernickel bread and arrange the little “sandwiches” on small wooden skewers.

Cottage cheese is also an ideal substitute for guacamole. And, if you like, cut the pumpernickel bread into cute shapes.

Perfect for nibbling on: A handful of almonds and cashew nuts, together with a few cherry tomatoes.

Thread them onto skewers and enjoy the fresh taste!

Your Dole Team wishes you lots of fun trying these out!




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