Let the water flow! Drinking the right amount

Richtig trinken im Sommer

Have you drunk enough today? We should all drink at least 1.5 litres a day, more if we are exercising or if the weather is very warm. It is particularly important for our bodies to have a sufficient fluid intake during the summer. The human body is two-thirds water. The loss of fluids, through sweating for example, must therefore be compensated for, sip by sip. Sounds like a lot of effort? Don’t worry – you can learn to drink regularly.

Improve health and boost energy levels by drinking regularly

We could live for several months without solid food but without liquids we would only survive a few days. Water is an important constituent of cells and bodily fluids. Our organism needs it to transport nutrients and waste products and to regulate temperature. It is clear, therefore, why we need to worry about headaches, lack of concentration, constipation, circulation problems or kidney disease if we don’t drink enough fluids.

Picture: So refreshing! Try water with cucumbers

The perfect thirst quencher

In addition to the fluids that we absorb from food such as fruit and vegetables, drinking enjoyment is also a priority. You will definitely be happy to forego alcohol and sweet soft drinks with these varied refreshments:

  • Mineral water on its own or with slices of fresh lemon or cucumber
  • Unsweetened fruit and herbal teas
  • Diluted fruit and vegetable juices

Tip: Avoid ice-cold drinks, which stress the body unnecessarily.
By the way, coffee counts towards your daily fluid intake. But because of its caffeine content, it should only be drunk in moderation.

Picture: Drink enough during hot weather

Top tips for reluctant drinkers

  • Keep a diary so you are more aware of your drinking behaviour
  • Have drinks and glasses to hand at home so they are easily available for a spontaneous sip
  • There is always room for light, plastic water bottles in your handbag or car
  • Special “drink apps” remind you to take regular sips
  • Vary your drinks so you will continue to enjoy them

What are you going to drink today? We would love to read your comments.




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