Let Dole fulfil your heart’s desire


Just what is a heart’s desire? Each one of us probably has something that we literally want “with our whole heart”, perhaps something that we have wanted all our lives or something quite spontaneous arising from a specific occasion.

Because everyone is different, different things are also important to us. Maybe you love yoga and always wanted to practise your postures on a beach in Bali? Or you might not yet have found something that you are personally passionate about but would love to try? Learn to play a musical instrument, for example?

Sometimes we don’t actually want something for ourselves but would like to make someone else happy. But as is so often the case, desires and dreams frequently take a back seat in day-to-day life. So it makes us happy to make someone’s heartfelt wish come true.

At the same time, we would like to help you to find or enhance your energy source. In addition to nutrition and exercise, having a heartfelt wish is the third important element of the Dole “My Energy” Code.

Take a look at our competition and tell us which heartfelt wish you would like to come true. The top three winning entries will each receive a prize of EUR 4,000 to make their wish come true. Other prizes include ten “Yonanas” ice cream makers and 100 breakfast sets, each containing four Dole breakfast boards.

Best of luck and we hope your dreams come true!




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