Learning to switch off: 5 tips for clocking off without stress!

Feierabend ohne Stress

Do you frequently work from home? Or, after a day in the office, do you feel that you still have to be constantly available even at home? Then you are like a lot of people whose work life and personal life are becoming increasingly intertwined. This phenomenon is also known as “work–life-blending”. The risk is that many people take the job “home” with them either physically or mentally, and find it difficult to let it go and relax when work is finished – if indeed they do finish work. This can lead to sleep disorders, exhaustion, poor concentration or even mental illness. But how can we enjoy stress-free downtime so that we can start the next working day feeling motivated? Our 5 simple tips will help you to clear your mind and release unhealthy stress.

Tip 1: End the working day with a ritual

The first step to a relaxing evening is to actually finish work in the first place! So, draw a clear line at the end of the working day so that you can switch into leisure mode. Small but important rituals can help you to do this. Shut down the laptop, push your chair in against your desk or switch off your mobile phone. It can also help to end the working day with a completed task: if you start your evening immediately after an incomplete “to do”, you might end up thinking about this task even after you have finished work. This can put pressure on you and stand in the way of a stress-free evening. If you are working from home, it also makes sense to keep your workspace separate from your living space. This will help you to resist the temptation to have a quick look at your mails when you are sitting on the couch.

Tip 2: Talk to other people

It’s really helpful to talk to friends or family and a great opportunity for a stress-free start to your evening. You might have a quick chat on the phone with your loved ones, giving you a chance to look back over your working day again. What annoyed you? What went particularly well today? What are you proud of? At some stage, however, put an end to the work talk and simply have a casual chat – laugh, gossip, plan some fun things to do. You will notice how relaxing that can be.

Tip 3: Do something that is the complete opposite of your job

Regardless of how your day was, you always deserve some stress-free downtime. Now is the time to do things that simply do you good and make you happy. Activities that are the complete opposite of your job will ensure the perfect balance. Do you work for hours on a computer? Then allow yourself to literally breathe again by going for a walk in the fresh air or a run in the park. For those who prefer to stay indoors, get your sweatpants on and turn the music up loud. Or simply treat yourself to a relaxing bath. Good vibes only!

Tip 4: Learn something new

Sometimes work seems to take up almost our entire day – everything revolves around colleagues, projects and deadlines. An evening without stress seems almost impossible. But stop! You are much more than your job. Discover your hidden talents and open up a whole new world for yourself. It can be incredibly motivating to learn how to play a musical instrument, perform a few cool dance moves or speak a new language. Whatever you can think of – give it a try. It’s a no-brainer: anyone who is tackling notes, dance steps or vocabulary after their day’s work is done, is guaranteed not to have time to think about work. By the way, many hobbies can now be learned in online courses. Give it a go!

Tip 5: Replenish your energy healthily

Work is finally finished for the day – time to enjoy a tasty evening meal! Do you tend to rely on convenience food – frozen pizza, hamburgers or tinned ravioli – because you don’t feel like cooking? That’s understandable, but these meals can also make you sluggish and they aren’t particularly nutritious. Luckily there are lots of great alternatives with fruit and vegetables that will fill you up nicely, give you energy and can be conjured up in no time at all. Stress won’t stand a chance when you finish work. Instead you will be able to relax and enjoy some delicious food. Here are just a few ideas for you: roasted sweet potatoes with spinach, buckwheat crêpes with grape salad, colourful couscous salad, banana and apple sandwich or black bean salsa. Yummy!

Time to clock off – enjoy!

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