Keeping grapes fresh – a few tips

Trauben frisch halten

A sweet and juicy snack, we love to nibble on grapes the whole year round. The following tips will help grape fans to ensure that these luscious fruits stay fresh for longer and provide us with those important vitamins and minerals.

Keep them cool straight away

Once you have bought your grapes, the fridge is actually the best place to keep them fresh. So store these small berries there straight away. They will remain particularly tasty at a temperature of between –1 and 0 degrees Celsius.

Right at the back

The coldest part of the fridge is right at the back. This is the best place to store your grapes so they continue to look good and taste delicious for a long time.

Please don’t wash me!

Grapes are covered with a protective layer. If you are over-zealous in washing this off, the grapes will quickly go off. If you want to keep them fresh, simply wash them right before you eat them.

Give me some space!

Grapes can also be kept fresh by giving them as much air and space as possible. Cut apart bunches of grapes but avoid stacking the bunches one on top of the other so that they don’t get crushed.

Avoid strong smells

Grapes quickly absorb external smells, which can impair their flavour. Ideally, store them away from strongly flavoured foods such as onions. In this way, the grapes will retain their delicious taste.

Wishing you lots of grape snacking enjoyment!

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