Interview with a fruit: facts about blueberries

Sie ist fast so bekannt wie ein Popstar, beinahe jeder Frucht-Fan liebt sie und sie begeistert mit ihrer überraschend vielseitigen Art – die Heidelbeere! Im exklusiven Interview verrät die gesunde Frucht die wichtigsten Fakten über die Heidelbeere

With popstar-level fame, beloved by almost every fruit fan and with a surprising versatility that makes it a constant source of inspiration, we can only be talking about one fruit: the blueberry.

In an exclusive interview with this healthy berry, we learn the most important facts. Let’s get started!

You look so fresh today! Where did you get your lovely blue colour?

Well, as a cultivated blueberry, I am known for my blue skin and white core. So my flesh has a lighter colour. The beautiful dark blue is due to the phytochemicals, or to be more precise, the anthocyanins. They provide me with better protection from the sun, and insects feel magically attracted to me. These compounds benefit humans due to their anti-oxidant properties. For example, they help to prevent cardiovascular disease. Clever, don’t you think?

Absolutely! What else is particularly special about you?

Oh, where do I begin?! There are lots of facts about blueberries. I am simply a talented all-rounder. My high fibre content keeps you full for longer and stimulates the digestive system. At the same time, I have very few calories. Numerous vitamins, such as C, E and K, make me a real nutritional wonder. And the iron, zinc, manganese and many other trace elements mean that I am justifiably described as a “superfood”.

Where do you like to be stored when the temperatures are high, as they still are now?

I simply always like to make a fresh entrance! So you will find that my preference is for the fridge, where I will happily spend a few days.

So do you also like it when the temperatures are ice cold?

Of course! I can be frozen for up to 6 months, but after that I like to be eaten. By the way, the best way of freezing us is to first place us individually on a tray in the freezer compartment and then divide us up into portions in freezer bags.

Those are some impressive facts about blueberries! Do you actually travel now and then?

I always like to be out and about and ideally available everywhere as a snack. I find lunch boxes very comfortable, as I can’t be squashed there. I have travelled this way on many car journeys and flights and even to the office or to school.

Fantastic! Should we always eat you raw?

That is of course the easiest way. But I can also be quickly puréed for a smoothie, added to salads or porridge or even be strained to make delicious fruit sauces.

Last but not least, what nickname best describes you?

I think “Power Berry” suits perfectly. It sounds good, what do you think?

Well, thank you for a fascinating interview and happy snacking always!

Your Dole Team




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