Increased vegetables related to improved memory

Have you ever looked at the calendar and realized that you forgot an important appointment? Is it possible that it just slipped your mind? Well, men in particular, may have an excuse.  New research published in Neurology suggests that if fruits and vegetables are missing from a man’s diet – he could have a higher risk of memory loss!

The study reviewed detailed diet surveys for 28,000 men from 1986-2012.  During that time, until about their age reached the mid-70’s, they updated their diet audits with how many servings of fruits, vegetables and other foods they ate each day.  Investigators also used Subject Cognitive Function Tests to measure thinking and memory changes twice during the study.  Whey they compared dietary results with memory scores they found that the men who ate the most vegetables (about 6 servings/day) were 34% less likely to develop poor cognitive skills when compared to men who ate the least (2 servings/day).  Though results were not as strong, fruit eaters (3 servings/day) were also less likely to develop poor thinking and memory skills.

While this study does not prove that eating fruits and vegetables reduces memory loss, it does add to the body of evidence that supports fruit and vegetables as a two-in-one weapon against brain decline.  First their low calorie content helps keep weight in check (excess is bad for the brain) and second they provide antioxidants and other key compounds that help protect the brain.

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