How we enjoy an energy-filled summer!


Summer, sun, zest for life! We often simply feel better and more energetic during the warm months of the year. The more pleasant temperatures encourage us to exercise outdoors. Because it stays brighter for longer in the evenings, we can make the most of the day by taking a trip somewhere, enjoying high-spirited gatherings in the park or sociable get-togethers on the balcony.

Here at Dole, we also like to make the most of the summer. This special time of the year is particularly energising when we do things that we enjoy.

Actively replenishing energy levels and living consciously



Sandra Schütze
(Dole Marketing Executive)

“I like meeting friends and love when we can sit around together and laugh. For me, nothing beats beautiful forest walks and strolling through the fields. It is a fantastic way for me to switch off and afterwards I always feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Sometimes, on a whim, I head for the coast and treat myself to a few days of tranquillity and a fresh sea breeze. My tip: Colourful, flowers that you have picked yourself bring colour into the house even on rainy days and provide a beautiful summer fragrance.”




Sonja Schulze
(Dole Marketing Executive)

“Cooking is my passion. I enjoy sharing the results outdoors with friends. I love discovering new recipes and preparing these creatively. Cooking is a great way for me to switch off and slow down. The conscious enjoyment with friends gives me energy and helps me to relax at the same time. I take dance lessons to do something good for my body and soul. For me, that exercise means fun, I am always learning something new and I am building up my stamina. That’s my recipe for a good mood and a love of life.”




Xavier Roussel
(Dole Communication
& Marketing Director)

“During the warm summer months, I particularly enjoy cycling with my family. Going out together like this is fun, even if it can be quite exhausting at times. We always have our cooler box with us. It is ideal for carrying small fruit snacks or crisp salads. These are also perfect snacks for city trips, which we also spontaneously take now and then! A small healthy picnic in the fresh air replenishes energy levels and provides inspiration for the everyday routine.”



What are your tips for a really successful, energy-filled summer?
We would love to hear your comments!

Picture: Sunshine, a fresh breeze and nature – perfect!





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