How healthy is lemon water?

Water with lemon juice always tastes deliciously refreshing. It is also a sparkling alternative to lemonade and other fizzy drinks. But what makes lemon water so healthy and can you drink it every day?

Lemon water liquid vitamins

Lemon water is extremely easy to make. Simply add a few splashes of fresh lemon juice to a glass or carafe of tap or mineral water. Warm lemon water, drunk in the morning, is particularly beneficial. But how healthy is lemon water really?

First of all, warm lemon water is used particularly in Ayurvedic medicine. But even those who don’t eat according to Ayurvedic principles can still definitely benefit from lemon water.

The lemon juice provides you with ample vitamin C, thus strengthening your immune system. It also contains magnesium, which benefits the nervous system. Lemon water can help to stimulate the digestive system. It is often easier to drink something first thing in the morning rather than to start off with a solid meal. A large glass of lemon water can help you to start the day gently and it acts as the perfect preparation for breakfast.

Lemon water is definitely the perfect solution to keep you hydrated, both in the morning and during the day. If you don’t like drinking “plain” water, you might prefer the alternative of fruity lemon water to achieve the recommended fluid intake of around 1.5 litres per day. At any rate, because homemade lemon water does not contain any added sugar, caffeine or artificial flavourings, it is preferable to any soft drink.

Tip: The lemon water should not be too hot as the vitamin C would be destroyed by the heat.

Can lemon water be harmful?

Consumed in moderation, you can drink lemon water without any concerns. Furthermore, it is virtually impossible to overdose on vitamin C as it is water-soluble and is excreted through the kidneys.

But do make sure not to clean your teeth immediately after drinking lemon water. The fruit acid contained in it can attack the enamel.

Ideally, drink unsweetened herbal teas or water without any lemon on alternate days. By the way, cucumber slices, mint or ginger are also tasty alternatives in your glass of water.

Drink it easy!

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