How can you make your good intentions stick?

The year date 2016 made of fruit and vegetables

Welcome to the New Year! Did you make New Year’s resolutions? This is the time of year when many people decide to keep a better eye on their diet, get more exercise and generally live a healthier life.

But January has scarcely begun when the good intentions are quickly abandoned. A sweet nibble here, an evening on the sofa there – our inner couch potato is hard to outwit and old habits can be quickly reinstated:

Set goals for yourself

Our tip at the start of the year is to always keep in mind the advantages that a healthy lifestyle will mean for you and be happy even with small changes. If you are motivated in this way, it will be much easier to keep your resolutions.

It’s the small things that matter

Relax, you don’t need to change your whole lifestyle in order to start the New Year healthier and more energetically. This month, we would like you to use our blog to inspire you to keep your resolutions on a daily basis. Stay tuned for quick recipes, winter exercising tips and useful fruit facts!

Listen to your body

Our “My Energy” test will also give you some practical guidance. Find out what your personal energy sources are and, using our monthly plan, discover how you can best use them.

There are some interesting weeks coming up! We look forward to an energetic time with you. Your Dole team

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Picture: Start the new year motivated and let your dreams come true





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