Healthy snacks for festival-goers

Sunshine and cool beats – festival time is here! Have you got your tickets yet? If so, you probably can’t wait to see your favourite bands playing live. But are you also looking forward to typical “festival fast food” – spaghetti out of a tin, hot dogs and the like?

Luckily there are some fresher alternatives! With our 5 healthy festival snacks you won’t have to worry about a rumbling tummy while you rock out and you will survive the open-air season with plenty of energy!

Tip: Take a small amount of basic staples with you, e.g. bread, apples, carrots, nuts, rice, couscous and pasta and maybe some spices so that you can prepare your own healthy snacks when you are there. A camping stove, a pot and some plastic storage containers are also useful. If you are only spending one day at the festival, prepare your healthy snacks shortly beforehand and bring them with you in a cooler bag with freezer packs.

Here are our snack tips for music addicts:

Apple & nut crudités

This will make sure you have a bright and breezy start to the day, even if you have partied all night. Core the apples, chop into small pieces and drizzle with lemon juice. Add some walnuts for a protein-rich topping. This healthy snack will keep you full for longer at the festival and makes for a refreshing treat when the temperature rises.

Couscous with sundried tomatoes

Everyone can make this! Couscous is the perfect substantial snack. All you need to do is pour some boiling water over the couscous and allow it to swell for a few minutes. Then add tomato passata, sundried tomatoes and some basil and oregano.

Carrot sandwich

It doesn’t get any quicker than this! Carrot sandwiches also make good finger food snacks. Simply cover a slice of whole grain bread with vegetarian spread, add a few slices of carrot and place another slice of bread on top.

Porridge with grapes and bananas

Almond milk, rolled oats, bananas and grapes are all ingredients that are easy to transport and together make a healthy snack to polish off at the festival. Heat up the almond milk on the camping stove and add the rolled oats and finely chopped fruit. Your delicious porridge is now ready to be eaten or stored in a container for later.

Colourful pasta bowl

Keep it simple! You don’t need to conjure up award-winning cuisine at the festival. Instead, it’s a case of preparing quick but nutritious meals, which of course also taste good. So how about a pasta bowl? For this, you can use whatever you have in your cooler bag. For example, you can add tinned sweetcorn, finely chopped peppers or cherry tomatoes to whole grain pasta. Nice!

Dance, party and enjoy life – healthily!

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