Taking a sauna when you have a cold: a good or bad idea?

It is precisely when the days get colder and shorter that many people take to the sauna. A sauna can be really good for you: the change in temperature trains the body’s heat regulation system and the organism learns to adapt better to various temperatures. But what about going to the sauna when you have a cold: a good or bad idea?

Four-pronged approach to sustainability

Our employees, our farms and a healthy environment are the basis for all our activities. See what our four pillars of sustainability are in this post. They show the areas in which Dole is striving to conserve valuable resources.

Dole goes to the top of the class! Working for a secure future

Perhaps you still remember your schooldays. In some of the countries where Dole operates, however, daily school attendance and extensive healthcare are not things that can be taken for granted and these are precisely the areas where Dole is working with the Dale Foundation in Ecuador and Peru. Read more about this work.

The home of Dole bananas

Today is Costa Rica’s national day – just one more reason to take you away to this idyllic banana paradise. Costa Rica is located in Central America, between Nicaragua and Panama, bounded on the east by the Caribbean and on the west by the Pacific.

Shopping with a Grocery List Is Linked to a Healthier Diet and Lower BMI

When it’s time for the weekly grocery haul, do you a) write out a list and stick to it or b) head straight to the store and wing it? If you answered “b”, you may want to grab a pen and pad. A 2015 study from RAND Health, a nonprofit research organization specializing in health policy, found that writing out a grocery list before shopping was linked to lower BMI and healthier food choices in two urban neighborhoods.

Sweet! Odour code of fruit and other foods decoded

We can enjoy the sensuous pleasure of fresh fruit even while we slice it up. As the scent of strawberries or oranges wafts towards us, we can hardly wait to try the sweet deliciousness. Scientists at the Technische Universität München (TUM) recently unveiled the secret behind the unique aromas of different foods.

Never too late to live longer!

Say you’ve made it to the ripe old age of 70 after a lifetime of not-so-great eating habits — why change now? Because you may live longer, research suggests. Eat healthy after 70 and you’ll boost your chances of reaching 80.

What’s your Energy Code? Find out here!

Do you sometimes feel drained and exhausted? You’re not alone. Many people are familiar with the typical “afternoon slump” or are only fit for the couch in the evening after a long day at work. It isn’t a problem if it happens every now and then but if you are constantly exhausted that can have an effect on your quality of life in the long term. Simply answer ten questions to discover your energy type and get an energy roadmap for a month!